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Hailo Libero 2.0

Smart Technology

One opener system for all types of pull-outs, and for side-mounted, selft-containing systems.

The modified and improved, further development of the unique Hailo HFO - Libero, the new Hailo Libero 2.0, electronic sensor opener, also designed for North America.




3697201 HM 001
3697201 D 002
3697201 HM 002



Electronic Door-Opener


Libero 1
Easy operation by foot

thanks to a

sensor in the plinth-area.

Libero 2
Automatically opening drawers

make it easier

to dispose of the waste

in modern recycling systems

in a pleasant way.

Libero 4
For the most frequently opened

pull-out in the kitchen,

the waste-recyclingsystem.

Libero 6
The integrated LED light

indicates the sensor position.


You find additional information in the product section

  Optional Fine-tuning by App Hailo Connect after 1st installation