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Hailo Tandem AntiBak

Antibacterial built-in waste-separation system

99.9 % fewer bacteria on plastic parts thanks to innovative surface structure.

More hygiene in the home.




The antibacterial built-in waste-separation system for installation into kitchen cabinets with hinged doors.

The special surface structure of the plastics used prevents the germination of pathogens of any kind. All plastic surfaces, such as the system lid, handle panel, and inner bins have been given antibacterial protection through the addition of silver ions, reducing the reproduction of bacteria by up to 99.9 %. The active antibacterial agent is contained in the processed plastic, ensuring it remains active and offers lasting antimicrobial protection for many years.

  • For hinged door cabinets from 300 mm width

  • 2x 15 l inner bins

  • 99,9 % fewer bacteria on plastic parts

  • Suitable also for medical facilities (e.g. hospitals, doctor’s clinics)

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