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Hailo Built-in Technology at the Sicam 2017

Smart waste separation and organiser systems for optimum space utilisation

The family-owned company Hailo will be celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2017. Right from the start, the company with the striking red dot logo has always been characterised by a willingness to explore new approaches and to continuously work on improving quality and on coming up with innovations. Over seven decades, Hailo has gradually evolved into a global company: Today, its products "made in Hesse" are sold in more than 80 countries. All the more important for Hailo is the quality seal “made in Germany“, which stands for intellegent waste separation and organisation systems all over the world – and will also be introduced to an international audience by Hailo this year at the SICAM, the international trade fair for components and accessories for the furniture industry. At stand C30 in hall 7, Hailo is exhibiting two central innovations or ongoing developments in built-in technology next to its existing portfolio: the Laundry Area and the Cargo Synchro.

"Laundry-Area" is an extensive comprehensive system
With its practical waste separation and organiser systems, Hailo has become well-established particularly in the area of fitted kitchen accessories. A few years ago, the company also started to offer solutions for other rooms such as, for example, bathrooms or utility rooms. Its latest development is the "Laundry-Area", a particularly extensive comprehensive system for utility rooms that will be one of Hailo's centrepieces at the SICAM. The prototype was presented for the first time in 2016 and elicited much interest. In Pordenone in northern Italy, Hailo will now launch a retail version that has recently been improved with further additional features. Units that can be built-in offer storage space for clothing, laundry utensils, clothes peg and storage containers for other odds and ends, as well as a built-in ironing board. These features disappear behind doors, an easy way to make the room look tidy at all times.

Cargo Synchro: Synonymous with convenient waste separation
Beyond its organiser systems, Hailo will also introduce various new products and additions in the area of smart waste separation at this year's SICAM. "Cargo Synchro", for example, a recently developed classic waste separation system for the kitchen, is characterised by optimum space utilisation and the fact that it features exceptionally smooth runners and is very comfortable to use. In addition, the company will of course also present products from the current range to showcase the entire spectrum of Hailo Built-in Technologies – simply everything that makes everyday life that little bit easier.

Laundry-Area – from compact utility room to system solution
Different rooms that merge into one another and open space living areas are a current home trend – not only due to but above all because of the phenomenon of increasingly smaller living spaces, especially in urban areas. This calls for new concepts in order to utilise the available space as efficiently as possible. Especially apartments and houses without basements or lofts call for special solutions to create space for doing and drying the laundry, such as a utility room, for example. However, utility rooms are often not particularly carefully designed and usually only include the most basic fittings, for example the washing machine and drier connections. Plus, in contrast to kitchens, ergonomic design has as yet rarely been taken into account. Hailo's solution to this problem is the "Laundry-Area", an outstandingly extensive comprehensive system for use in utility or laundry rooms/kitchens which ensures that the available space is utilised to the optimum, and that everything stores away tidily.....