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Waste separation systems

Pure Waste Separation in two, three, or even four fractions – Hailo Built-In Technology offers the right product for every demand. Whether side-mounted, or bottom-mounted in hinged door cabinets, or pull-out systems with front-attachment, or for installation into existing drawers from 30 cm up to 120 cm width.


Built-in waste bins

Already in the 1950s Hailo developed the first built-in pivot-out waste bin for kitchen cabinets.
The product range includes several types for 30 cm to 60 cm wide base cabinets, discretely hiding away the trash behind a hinged door. Also single bins with large capacities, to fit into drawers or onto pull-outs, are available.


Organizer systems

Lots of innovative solutions for the orderly kitchen: Hailo organizer systems offer sufficient space for kitchen utensils, cleansers, and much more. Tidied up, and easily accessible.


Functional systems

Safety and Comfort in your kitchen, with Hailo's functional systems: The highlight and also "Hailo Product of the Year“ is the electronic hands-free opener for any drawers, pull-outs, and side-mount systems with front-mount door, the "Hailo HFO-Libero".


Laundry care

For a neat and clean washhouse, or utility room, Hailo Built-In Technology offers the perfect solution, now. The Laundry-Carriers with large, portable laundry-baskets hide dirty linen and wet, clean laundry, discretely, in a base cabinet, in a closet, or in a wardrobe unit.


Accessories & Extras

Smart accessories for installation into your kitchen or vanity cabinets. All according to the slogan "Hailo makes work safer, easier and nicer", many innovative, integral Hailo products offer a welcome and practical, additional benefit.